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Meet Croatian Cosmetics

When you would visit the Dalmatian coast, including the beautiful coastline cities of Split and Dubrovnik, you'll encounter at the local market bazaars venders of the finest grade selling distilled lavender, rosemary oils and St. John’s wort oils. Croatia is famous for having the finest grade lavender oils made through a careful distillation process The cheaper oils are made by macerating the lavender flowers in olive oil. Lavender, rosemary and St. John’s wort are indigenous to this region and the temperate Adriatic weather along with the mineral-rich rocky soil seem to be especially conducive to concentrating the fragrant volatile oils that make the finest quality lavender and rosemary.

So also  its remedies and pain-relieving products that are developed over the many years: on this website you'll find these products that are unique for many Europeans because they have been sold only on local markets.

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