Herpol anti cold sores


Quick removal of fever blisters on the lip.
Relieves the effects and symptoms of the Herpes virus on the mucous membrane.

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A complex blend of carefully selected herbs with antiviral effect of the extract of the mother and propolis. Ingredients, essential oils of chamomile and anise are primarily represented by anesthetic, anti-inflammatory and calming action. The oily traits of our Lady’s grass and calf are represented by regenerative, antibiotic and anti-inflammatory action and at the same time for alleviating the unpleasant side-effects such as pain, itching, damaged skin and the like.
19ml bottle.

To relieve the problems caused by Herpes virus (Herpes Simplex, Herpes Genitalis and Herpes zoster) in the primary and secondary stages such as pain, itching and mucosal changes.

How to use:
Coat the affected site initially every hour, then 3 times a day. The obese place does not follow the first few days. At a further stage, perform the hygiene of the affected site by washing with aqueous solution of HERPOL drops (1l water / 10-15 HERPOL drops).
100% natural product from Croatia.

ingredients: Melissa Officialis extract,chamomillia recutta oil, propolisextract,calendula officialis oil, hypericum perforatum oil, pimpinella anisum oil.

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